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  • Why is it illegal to burn money in the us?

    The burning of money has been a controversial practice throughout history. While it may seem harmless or even a form of expression, in the United States, burning money is illegal. The law criminalizing destruction of currency has been in place since the Civil War, and the reasons behind it are economic, social, and cultural. Historical…

  • Men’s journal health adventure gear style 

    It can be really challenging to keep your life organized and on track, but with the correct tools, it gets lot simpler. I’ve tried a lot of various things over the years that have helped me achieve my productivity and wellness goals. I’ll discuss the products I think are necessary for every man to stay…

  • Ghost protein powder review: is it the best price?

    Ghost protein powder review? Ghost protein powder is one of the most popular protein brands currently on the market. Ghost has done an incredible job with their marketing and branding efforts. In this article I’m going to review all of the ingredient’s being used in ghost protein powder and let you know the facts on…

The Writer’s Quinten and Monique are a power couple that looks to change the current outlook on what being healthy is all about. They strive to make a real change in peoples lives for the better through educating and inspiring others.

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