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  • Ivory Skin Care

    Ivory skin tone, 4 products for keeping ivory skin healthy How do you know if you have ivory skin tone? Knowing your skin tone is very important. Decisions on moisturizers, makeup, sunscreen and even the amount of time spend in the sun can have an impact on your skin texture, hydration and appearance. It can […]

  • The Grateful Grazer Whole Foods Nutrition Wellness 

    What is the Grateful Grazer Whole Foods Nutrition Wellness? A website and blog called Grateful Grazer strives to educate individuals about nutrition and wellbeing so they can make wiser decisions. Registered dietitian Katrine Volynsky developed the website, which offers information on nutrition, wellbeing, and a variety of recipes and other topics. Everything from advice on […]

  • Best 5 ways to help broaden your shoulders!

    According to experts in body language, men’s broad shoulders are a symbol of strength and authority. Contrarily, there aren’t many women involved in bodybuilding, yet some of them could want big shoulders. due to the difficulty in fitting their garments and to give them a muscular appearance. Due to a limited number of body measurements, […]

The Writer’s Quinten and Monique are a power couple that looks to change the current outlook on what being healthy is all about. They strive to make a real change in peoples lives for the better through educating and inspiring others.

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