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According to experts in body language, men’s broad shoulders are a symbol of strength and authority. Contrarily, there aren’t many women involved in bodybuilding, yet some of them could want big shoulders. due to the difficulty in fitting their garments and to give them a muscular appearance.

Due to a limited number of body measurements, men may easily determine whether they have broad shoulders. However, it is a matter of perception and look for women.


The phrase “biacromial diameter” may sound old to you, and that’s because it is. It’s probably not used as frequently as it formerly was. The United States hasn’t released an official shoulder width average in more than 30 years, which could contribute to this. Reliable Source

Survey results 3,581 American women over the age of 17 were measured by a reliable source in the early 1960s, and the average shoulder width was 13.9 inches (35.3 cm). Based on 3,091 survey respondents, Men Trusted Source had an average shoulder width of 15.6 inches (39.6 cm). But since then, things have changed.

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When it comes to wide shoulders, the Golden Ratio is typically the ratio that everyone is concerned with. Generally speaking, the golden ratio is primarily concerned with beauty and wellness and is found throughout nature. The golden ratio for shoulder width is frequently seen to be 1.618.

You need have a shoulder-to-waist ratio of roughly 1.618 to be deemed wide-shouldered (or even better).

Using a tailor’s measuring tape, count the diameter of your back and shoulders. Then use the tape to secure your nipples. Finally, notice the size in your head.

Take a measurement of your waist next. The last measurement you should do is around your belly button, which is the area of your body that is the thinnest.

After that, divide those sums. For instance, a person with a 52-inch shoulder diameter and a 30-inch waist has a ratio of 1.73. This gives shoulders that look very broad since it is far wider than the golden ratio.

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A Cambridge University survey of more than 700 women concluded that the most attractive characteristic about males is their broad shoulders.

By presenting women with images of men’s bodies and asking them to judge how attractive they were, researchers discovered how crucial physical strength is to the appearance of men’s bodies.

The findings demonstrated that three characteristics—how powerful he appears, how tall he is, and how skinny he is—could almost completely predict how appealing a man’s body is.

Broad shoulders can provide the impression of a smaller waist in addition to making you look more strong.

You now have the attractive V-shape that women desire.

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3 reasons why women find broad shoulders attractive

1.Broad shoulders show good health and fitness.

It has been shown that a person’s waist-to-hip ratio can predict their health, fitness, and attractiveness in both men and women.
While there is a desirable WHR for male beauty (0.8, if you’re curious), a different study found that waist-to-chest ratios rather than hip ratios are more important to women.

Guys are regarded as more attractive when they have inverted triangle bodies, prominent shoulders, and smaller waists.

For women, a V-shaped physique symbolizes victory.

2. Broad shoulders make you look bulkier.

BMI, or body mass index, plays a significant role in how attractive women find a man.

But according to study, their shoulders’ size is far more significant.

If overweight men maintain the additional weight on their shoulders, they might not have as much trouble as they assume.

3.Broad shoulders could intimidate other men.

It’s not just women that prefer men with broad shoulders.

According to one survey, men concur that this is the optimal body type.

Men who took part in the study stated that having strong shoulders is crucial because the shoulders are often one of the most important body components.

Men also mentioned that they would most like to change something about their shoulders to make them look bigger and tougher.

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how to get broader shoulders


Women don’t have the same ideal waist to shoulder ratio as men have, but they can get a basic indication of whether their shoulders complement their overall body by looking at them.

When her arms hang naturally, a woman can readily tell if her shoulders are broad by observing the form of her body. If her shoulders appear to be squared off at a 90-degree angle with a pronounced bony protrusion as opposed to rounded, she probably has broad shoulders.

It is likely that a lady has broad shoulders if her body is shaped like a V and is wide at the top and tight at the waist. In his book “Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45,” Christopher Hopkins advises cutting a thread to the length of one yard and attaching a weighted object or heavy washer to one end.

At your shoulder’s joint, hold the loose end of this thread and let it hang down. The string is deemed to be outside of your hip line if your shoulders are wide. Your shoulders are in good proportion to the rest of your physique if the string lands at the level of your hips.

Broad shoulders


Shoulders that are broad and broad can be a benefit or a punishment. To achieve the V taper look that appeals to the opposite sex, many men work to develop broad, muscular shoulders.

On the other side, because of social expectations that women should have narrower, more slender shoulders, some women with broad shoulders experience insecurity. We believe that everyone has personal objectives and an ideal appearance they aspire to.

Some of the cases of broad shoulders

  • The length of the clavicle bone
  • Amount of fat or muscle
  • Genetics


You must be aware that the deltoid is made up of three “heads,” the anterior deltoid (front), the lateral deltoid (side), and the posterior deltoid, in order to successfully develop a set of giant shoulders (rear),

Always begin your workouts with large, compound motions for symmetrical growth, then focus on all three heads with smaller, isolated exercises.

Well, lifting big weights is the simplest approach you can find to work your shoulder muscles. So keep increasing the amount of weight you use in your daily exercises. By doing this, muscles respond by getting bigger to bear the strain of workouts. Progressive overload is the term used to describe this.

There is further gym equipment available for developing strong and broad shoulders in addition to this one. But in the end, the exercises that target the shoulders directly are what will help you get broad shoulders.

By adding muscle onto your shoulders you are going to increase the width and also the height of your shoulders.

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Your quest for a bigger, stronger shoulder can only be achieved if you excel at the key workouts. Additionally, occasionally switching for variety is necessary to get through a plateau. You may experience joint pain from time to time, therefore it’s beneficial to have variations as a fallback. Otherwise, people can stick with a routine for 12 to 16 weeks before needing a change.

Gaining strength in workout motions is the easiest way to develop lean muscles. So, if you want to get stronger, make sure you’re headed in the right direction. You must take better care of your shoulders if your muscles are growing with each raise. However, if you are having trouble adding muscle mass, look at your diet or way of living.

A workout that enables you to gradually lift more weight is the best kind. Build your shoulder as a result by doing powerful compound motions like the overhead press. Then, use softer, more isolated movements to cover the other shoulder regions.


1. Overhead press

The overhead press is a fantastic muscle-builder, despite the fact that most males consider the bench press to be the best upper-body workout. You are essentially guaranteed to put on weight if your back and shoulders are strong, you don’t make any rookie errors, and you perform the exercise with appropriate technique. Additionally, you get to strengthen your triceps.


  • -Grab the bar with a small, slightly wider-than-shoulder-width grasp. (Note: Each person’s experience will be different.)
  • -Assure that your elbows are straight (perpendicular to the ground and not flared out).
  • -You should have feet that are just a bit wider than shoulder width. Tighten your legs, glutes, back, and abs while the bar is resting on your anterior (front) delts in front of you. Then, start pressing the bar upward.
  • On the ascent, you will need to slightly move your head out of the bar’s path. Your head can be returned to its natural position once the bar has cleared it.
  • -With the bar right above your head, fully stretch your elbows. To avoid injury and pain-related impingement, shrug your shoulders up at the top of the exercise.
  • Verify that you are not performing a push press. Avoid bending your knees and jumping up; if you do, your legs will be the primary mover in the lift’s beginning rather than your delts.

Perform 3–5 sets of 5-8 repetitions (Note: You may need to use lighter weight than usual to ensure proper form and since this targets your upper body’s smaller, less-used muscles).

2. Barbell upright row

Your front and side deltoids will be worked during barbell upright rows, which will also engage your traps.


  • -Grab the bar with an overhand hold, just shoulder-width apart.
  • Pull the bar straight up, maintaining it close to your body, toward your chin. Bryant asserts that there is no need to raise yourself above your chin. Any further advantage is small, and pulling any higher can hurt your shoulders. (People frequently suffer injuries here.)
  • Lower the bar again, then do it again.

Do 4 sets of 8-15 reps.

3. Barbell front raise

Although you’re focusing on your front delts, you’ll also feel weariness beginning to set in. Maintain a light weight that will allow you to lift correctly. When exercising at home, you can also utilize dumbbells or workout bands.

  • -Hold a barbell with your hands shoulder-width apart while standing. Make sure your palms are pointing down and use an overhand grip.
  • -The bar should rest against your thighs as you stand up straight.
  • -Position the barbell about 5 inches from your body by pulling your shoulder blades back and inward with your core. (This is where everything begin.)
  • -Raise the barbell to shoulder height by lifting it in an arc while maintaining a straight arm position. Try to avoid swinging or “cheating,” Bryant advises. “Keep these tight so you can feel the weight shifting in your front delts.”
  • -Pause before lowering the barbell to its initial position.

Do 4-5 sets of 12-20 reps.

4. Face pull

Face pulls target the weak scapular muscles in your back, which help to stabilize your shoulder joints and engage the posterior deltoid and, shockingly to most, the medial deltoid as well. This is beneficial for shoulder health.


  • -Use a cable weight machine’s highest pulley with the rope attachment.
  • -Start with the rope just above your eyes, a few inches.
  • Take an overhand hold of the rope and move backwards to create tension in the rope.
  • Back up your hips and start tugging the cable. Allow your elbows to extend so that they are parallel to the floor.
  • Pull the rope towards the direction of your eyebrow, then controllably bring it back to the beginning position.

Do 3-5 sets of 15-20 reps.

5.  Bentover lateral raise

Your posterior delts are the direct focus of the Bentover lateral lift (the back of the shoulders.) To maximize the benefits of the workout, it’s important to maintain strict movement standards.


  • -With dumbbells in each hand, lean over until your body is parallel to the ground. (Note: You don’t want a hump back; maintain your lower back’s natural arch.)
  • -Leave your palms facing each other and let your arms swing straight down to the floor.
  • Lift the weights in an arc motion until they are parallel to the ground by pulling your shoulder blades together. Your thumbs ought to be pointing upward.
  • Go back to the beginning place.

Do 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps

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Ectomorphs have both hereditary benefits and disadvantages when it comes to developing wider shoulders, depending on our body type. Mesomorphs typically have smaller hips and larger shoulders (a v-shaped physique).

Endomorphs typically have broader hips and narrower shoulders (a pear-shaped physique). Additionally, ectomorphs frequently have narrow shoulders and waists that are shaped like rectangles.

We benefit from not having to worry about reducing our midsection because our shoulder-to-waist ratio is what matters most. We can only work on developing stronger shoulder muscles.

This means that even though we frequently need to bulk up our upper bodies to achieve a v-tapered shape, our bone structures virtually always support it.

However, even if you naturally have narrow shoulders like I do, the length of your clavicle is only one component of your overall appearance. We all experience different problems. And the good news is that anyone can add muscle if they understand how to lift for muscle growth, eat a healthy bulking diet, and get enough sleep. This is true even for the hardest of hardgainers.


Diet is a crucial component of bodybuilding, just like exercise.

Your muscles get the nutrients they need from the proper foods in the right amounts to recuperate from workouts and develop into bigger, stronger muscles.

On the other hand, eating the incorrect foods or not enough of the correct ones would result in inferior outcomes.

Following are some foods to emphasize and others to minimize or stay away from:


  • Sirloin steak, ground beef, hog tenderloin, venison, chicken breast, salmon, tilapia, and cod are some examples of the meats, poultry, and seafood.
  • Yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat milk, and cheese are dairy products.
  • Bread, cereal, crackers, oatmeal, quinoa, popcorn, and rice are examples of grains.
  • Oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, pears, peaches, watermelon, and berries are some examples of fruits.
  • Potatoes, corn, green peas, green lima beans, and cassava are examples of starchy vegetables.
  • Broccoli, spinach, lettuce with leafy greens, tomatoes, green beans, cucumber, zucchini, asparagus, peppers, and mushrooms are some examples of vegetables.
  • Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and flax seeds are among the seeds and nuts.
  • Chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, black beans, and pinto beans are examples of beans and legumes.
  • Olive, flaxseed, and avocado oils are examples of oils.


  • Alcohol: Drinking too much alcohol might have a detrimental impact on your capacity to reduce weight and gain muscle (8Trusted Source).
  • Sugars that have been added: These are high in calories but low in nutrients. Candy, cookies, doughnuts, ice cream, cake, and sugar-sweetened beverages including soda and sports drinks are among the foods high in added sugars (5Trusted Source).
  • Foods that have been deep-fried: When ingested in excess, these foods may encourage inflammation and disease. Fried fish, French fries, onion rings, chicken strips, and cheese curds are among examples (9Trusted Source).
ways to help broaden your shoulders
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Include a variety of nutrient-rich foods in your diet from each and every food group. Limit your consumption of alcohol, fried foods, and foods with added sugars. Whey protein, creatine, and caffeine can be helpful supplements in addition to your diet.


It is desirable to have broad shoulders since they create a more alluring appearance. Men’s shoulders are described to as having broad shoulders if they either fit the golden ratio’s requirements or are wider than it. Females have broad shoulders that are perpendicular to a 900-degree angle and a profusion of bony prominence. The workouts mentioned above all aid in developing shoulder muscles. Additionally, a straight posture improves how the shoulders seem.

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