Best Beyond Raw Lit Review: Worth the price?

Beyond Raw Lit Review
Beyond Raw Lit Review

A pre-workout product called Beyond Raw Lit is marketed through Amazon and GNC, and as a result, it has gained a lot of recognition in the health and fitness market. Three distinct taste options and one or two month supplies are both offered for this pre-workout.

We’ll delve deeper into the ingredient composition, assess the amount of stimulants, and discuss who the product will perform best for in this Beyond Raw literature review.

What’s special about Beyond raw lit?

Beyond Raw Lit makes the claim that it is fully-dosed, concentrated, and strong. The manufacturers have combined potent amounts of well-known and dependable substances.

Here is a brief summary:

  • Common ingredients. Ingredients that have been studied and around for a while
  • Only a few ingredients. Some companies load pre-workouts with numerous ingredients to confuse consumers.
  • Creatine. This might be good news for some of you. Creatine is great for building muscle endurance.


Everything you need to know about the ingredients in Beyond Raw Lit

See what Beyond Raw Lit has in store for us, shall we?

Seven components make up Beyond Raw Lit, which continues the recent trend of businesses moving away from proprietary blends.

Beyond Raw Lit’s transparency is one of its best qualities. There are no secret dosages or marketing ploys like we frequently see with prop blends; only raw substances arranged in accordance with their intended use.

Energy and focus

  • CarnoSyn Beta-alanine– One of the most well-liked pre-workout components is beta-alanine, and the CarnoSyn brand is regarded as a mark of a high-quality supplement. We receive more than the recommended working dose of 2 grams at 3.2 grams.
  • Caffeine– We all enjoy coffee, but we are always aware of its high caffeine level and potential drawbacks. If energy spikes are too abrupt, they may result in jitters, sweating, and the ensuing crash. Although 250 mg is a reasonable maximum dose, we believe Beyond Raw Lit might have done a better job by using just naturally occurring caffeine.
  • Creatine– With more than 200 studies on the effects of creatine on the body before, during, and after exercise, it is one of the most researched ergogenic substances in the world. The issue with creatine is that, especially in high quantities, it frequently results in bloating. Utilizing a powder that has been micronized will fix this problem. The huge amount of 1.5 grams of creatine is probably due to the micronization process, which also makes the supplement more accessible and prevents clumping.
  • elevATP– Due to the way it strengthens the effects of creatine, he is frequently combined with it.
  • NeuroFactor– This uncommon additive comes from a natural coffee fruit extract and is intended to enhance the effects of caffeine.

Pump support

  • L-Citrulline– We’re getting more than the typical dosage of this widely used pre-workout drug at 3 grams.
  • Nitrosigine.- This hyper bioavailable version of arginine is intended to both strengthen and prolong the benefits of citrulline.

Overall, Beyond Raw Lit provided us with a brief, easy-to-use pre-workout supplement. Given that it just contains two high-end, branded components, it isn’t really unique in terms of formula design.

Despite the fact that all of the substances have a proven track record and have been given the proper dosage, some ingredients may actually work better when combined.

Beyond Raw Lit Review
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Is Beyond Raw Lit missing anything?

A nice pre-workout, but by no means ideal, is Beyond Raw Lit. The following elements, in our opinion, may have helped the creators of Beyond Raw develop a better product.

  • Natural caffeine– Green coffee beans and green tea are natural sources of caffeine that provide excellent stimulation without any negative side effects.
  • B vitamins.-Because the muscles utilize B vitamins to combat weariness and drowsiness, they are the first nutrients to get depleted following a demanding workout. They also aid in a typical metabolism that produces energy. It would have made sense to add B vitamins.
  • Himalayan Salt.- Sodium is an essential trace mineral found in salt. The body needs this for a variety of functions.
Best Beyond Raw Lit Review
Best Beyond Raw Lit Review

What are the side effects of Beyond raw lit?

Two substances, caffeine and beta alanine, could have negative consequences. We are all aware of the benefits that caffeine has for our workouts, but it does come with a cost, which could include jitters, palpitations, and crashes.

There is a possibility that you will have itching after taking beta alanine, especially at that dosage.

Thankfully, this is a perfectly normal side effect of taking energy supplements, and it normally goes away after just a few usage.=

When to take Beyond Raw lit?

It’s easy. Simply mix a scoop of powder with 8 ounces of cold water and eat it 15 minutes before your workout. You can actually take a scoop on days when you aren’t training to get an extra boost of vigor and concentration. The bottle does, however, caution against consuming it right before bed.

Beyond Raw Lit FAQS

Does it contain Caffeine?

The 250 mg of caffeine is present. Due to the fact that 250 mg is equal to two cups of strong coffee, in our opinion, it is at the upper limit of what we would like to see.

How many scoops can you take?

Although the label does not specify a maximum serving amount per day, you should generally only take it once.

Is it safe for women?

Ladies’s fitness preferences have changed over the past ten years, and we understand that some women are now searching for “muscle builder” ingredients to get that ripped and lean appearance. Beyond Raw Lit contains creatine, but not all women find bulking attractive—the majority still dislike it.

You may also make the case that, with 250 mg of caffeine per serving, the possibility of negative effects might put off female users.

Should I stack beyond raw lit with other supplements?

Because it’s brief and straightforward, you can stack it with other supplements as long as they don’t contain caffeine.

Should you take Beyond Raw lit on an empty stomach?

It could be ideal if you consume Beyond Raw Lit before eating or drinking anything. If you take it on an empty stomach, you can have a severe stomachache. Mess around and see what works best for your body.


  • No blending of props. Formulas that display everything appeal to us.
  • overall good dosing Although a little high, caffeine was fine for everything else.
  • Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum, and Gummy Worm are the three flavors.


  • Pricey. Perhaps $40 seems a bit excessive given only 7 ingredients.
  • not caffeine from plants. This stimulant is available synthetically as caffeine Anhydrous.

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Beyond raw lit reviews from real costumers

Sean-I will keep this short,

If you don’t like the beta-alanine (the stuff that makes you feel like your skin is crawling) then do not get this product

If you do, then it is for you.

This flavor taste amazing. If you do the full 8oz of water then it might take about 15-30 mins for you to start feeling it, but if you do about 4-6oz, it will kick in about 10 mins.

I enjoy the product and don’t feel like my body is building a tolerance to it like other pre-workouts. 1 scoop and I am good to go.

Def worth giving this product a shot

Mathew-By far our favorite Pre-workout (both me and the wife use it). Gives us the energy to get a workout in dispite having kids who constantly drain you.. Would recommend gummy worm flavor as well.

Carmen-Really love this pre-workout, even on days I don’t exercise. Days that I work… I can focus and it helps with motivation I don’t have otherwise. Replaced coffee in the morning and have it once in the afternoon as a pick-me-up when I start getting brain fog and tired.

In conclusion

One reliable and safe pre-workout supplement is Beyond Raw Lit. No matter if you enjoy light jogging or intense workouts, a good overall dosage of components that are frequently utilized will always result in a pleasant experience.

The high caffeine content, which might not be acceptable for everyone, is the only potential drawback that we can think of.

Beyond Raw Lit offers reasonable value for money at $40. Given the high cost, we would have hoped for additional premium components, such as the nitrate-rich Rednite or the natural caffeine booster EnXtra. Beyond Raw lit has extremely good customer reviews and satisfaction.

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