7 best long head bicep exercises

Despite being a single muscle, the biceps brachii is split into a long head and a short head. Together, these two areas support forearm supination, or twisting, and elbow flexion.

Both the long head and the short head are distinct in a well-developed biceps muscle.

The biceps are greatly widened by the short head, and their peak is increased by the long head. Peak exercises and long head exercises are both used interchangeably.

It can be beneficial to think of biceps as being roughly hill-shaped to comprehend why long head biceps are referred to as biceps peaks. Similar to how you would refer to the peak of a mountain, the long head of the biceps generates the rounded shape at the top while the short head forms the hill’s base and defines how wide it is.

Many back and chest movements unintentionally work the biceps muscle. Because of this, it’s not necessary to go all out with techniques that exclusively target the long head of the biceps.

In this article, we’ll go over the kind of workout you should do, the necessary number of reps, and the top 7 long-head biceps exercises. This guide is for you if you’re trying to climb extremely high peaks.

best long head exercises for bigger biceps
long head bicep exercises

Where is the long head of the bicep?

The majority of individuals can easily point to their biceps, but popular awareness of the biceps muscle’s structure typically ends there. Your upper arm’s inner has the long head of the biceps, while the bottom has the short head. When you flex your biceps, assuming you have definite muscle tone there, you can see a sharp line underneath it.

They contribute to the biceps muscle’s top. These peaks have long been prized in the bodybuilding community because they give the upper arm additional bulk and definition. The round top of the humerus, the upper arm bone, is stabilized by the long head biceps, which is why the round top is also known as the humeral head of the glenoid.

When there is strong forearm supination or elbow flexion, the brachioradialis and the long head of the biceps work together to carry out this action.

How to target the long head and short head of the bicep?

What use does the short head of the biceps serve if the long head of the biceps is to protect the shoulder joint? The brachialis muscle, which acts as the primary mover in the elbow joint and forearm supination, is supported by the short head, which also aids in these movements.

The small head of the biceps operates across the upper arm bone and mostly only supports the long head’s previously discussed duties, such as supporting the shoulder joint.

You could believe that it is impossible to target one or the other given that it mostly functions as one muscle with the long head biceps. In actuality, the short head biceps are also worked out by several activities that target the large head. By utilizing a wide grip, you can alter them somewhat to have them target the short head.

Essentially, you want to ensure that the long head bicep range of motion is constrained. The short head of the biceps will be targeted by that, and the long head of the biceps will be targeted by restricting stretching in the short head.

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What are some common mistakes when trying to target the bicep peaks?

When attempting to develop larger biceps, many of the same errors are frequently committed. This varies depending on how their biceps training regimen is structured and how each particular long head biceps exercise is performed. To ensure that you are obtaining the enormous peaks you desire, be on the lookout for these errors.

Lifting to heavy

At the gym, we all aspire to be Superman. People all too frequently pull incredibly big weight off the rack or utilize dumbbells and kettlebells that are too heavy for the exercise they are doing, partly out of vanity and partially to make monster gains.

The recommendation to utilize less weight could seem counterproductive when considering hypertrophy. For the majority of biceps exercises, however, a high-rep regimen with less weight will provide higher improvements than a workout with fewer reps and more weight.

Your exercises will be less effective if you use too much weight because it will restrict their range of motion.

You should keep this in mind while warming up as well. Why not begin with 40 or 50 reps at a light weight if you’re going to include biceps curls in your training regimen? It will assist in focusing on your long head biceps and prepare your shoulders for the remaining exercises in the sequence.

Not focusing on tension

The portion of a workout that places the maximum demand on the targeted muscle is crucial for increasing muscular mass. That would be the eccentric portion of the exercise where the weight is being decreased for the biceps. For instance, you can feel your biceps brachii struggle much more than they did on the way up if you slow down that portion of a biceps curl.

Being wise with tension is a terrific technique to exercise more effectively. You may make the most of your time at the gym by taking the time to learn which exercises work and which parts of those exercises are most successful, as opposed to expending all of your energy tossing large amounts of weight around.

Not going to failure

It can be quite helpful to fatigue your biceps muscles prior to beginning your primary workout regimen, but avoid trying to produce complete muscle failure when you’re only targeting the biceps.

Since they are crucial to many back workouts like barbell rows and pull-ups, if you’ve previously worn out your biceps they will give out during those other exercises.

You can perform some high-rep biceps isolation exercises with isometric pauses at the point of the greatest stress, which is the eccentric downward motion, if you intend to train to failure.

However, especially at the end of a complete training regimen, don’t be shocked if it takes fewer repetitions than you anticipated to exhaust your biceps.

long head bicep exercises
long head bicep exercises

Stagnant workout routine

The human body’s capacity for adaptation has already been acknowledged. Your body will adapt to your workout regimen if you don’t alter it up, which will minimize the muscular injury that triggers hypertrophy.

For the same reason, it’s crucial to perform a variety of activities throughout the week. Additionally, you can alter the order of the exercises in a single fitness regimen.

Make sure you vary your grip technique and grasp width, for instance, if your arm workout at the gym includes curls, presses, and rows on the same day. By varying your grip, you may continually putting different muscle groups through their paces, keeping your body “on its toes.”

Poor form

When it comes to bicep curls, cheating has its place. People frequently add a swinging motion at that crucial point, roughly halfway up the weight, to aid in completing the curl.

Using momentum to complete your curls before full-rep failure is really just cheating yourself out of the improvements you could be making. Cheating is a terrific strategy to exhaust your biceps beyond full-rep failure.

Limit the movement of the other parts of your body to fix this error. Put your back up against a wall when performing barbell curls while standing up to avoid using your back to engage your front deltoids. Make sure your legs are tucked under a pad before performing sitting biceps curls.

long head bicep exercises
best long head bicep exercises

7 of the best long head bicep exercises?

Using these exercises below will help you grow your biceps in size and strength.

best long head bicep exercises

1.Hammer curls

Hammer curls target the brachialis and long head of the biceps even more than inclined dumbbell curls, despite what you might believe. Hammer curls ought to be a part of your exercise regimen if you’re looking to build massive peaks.

By rotating between incline dumbbell curls and hammer curls on various days of the week, you may also add variety to your workout.

You can perform this exercise while seated on a bench or while standing up against a wall. All you have to do is hold a dumbbell in each hand, using the side weight rather than the center of the weight. Lift the weights gradually until they are at your shoulders, then lower them again. You can include an isometric pause right after the movement’s peak.

best long head bicep exercises

2.Incline dumbbell curls

Dumbbell curls are a really simple dumbbell exercise that doesn’t even need any equipment. Similar in simplicity, but requiring a seat with an inclined back, is the inclination variation. The motion is otherwise identical to a standard dumbbell curl.

Lean back on the seat while holding a dumbbell in each hand to assume the starting position. Your palms should be facing out and your arms should be absolutely straight. (Tip: In the starting posture, turn your wrists inward toward your body to target the short head of the biceps.)

Dumbbells are raised toward your elbows, then they are progressively brought back to the starting position. Include an isometric pause at the top of the exercise for a true burn. On off days, consider doing reverse curls to mix things up.

best long head bicep exercises
best long head bicep exercises

3.Preacher curls

You’ll need a preacher bench to perform this exercise, which will assist limit movement in your legs and back so that your biceps brachii receive all the attention and you may develop huge arms even more quickly. Preacher curls can be performed using a barbell or an EZ bar.

Sit on the preacher bench with your armpits resting on the upper sloped section to assume the starting posture. With your arms completely extended and resting on the bench, take a tight grip on the bar. Slowly raise the bar until your arms are parallel to the ground and then lower it down to the starting position. Take a moment to isometrically stretch halfway down.

best long head bicep exercises
best long head bicep exercises

4.Cable curls

Cable curls require a cable machine, but because they provide resistance the entire time, they rank among the greatest biceps exercises. While some muscles involved in stabilization will somewhat participate, this exercise is primarily an isolation exercise.

Step into the beginning position by placing your feet firmly on the ground in front of a cable machine, hip-width apart.

Make sure your head and back are still and brace your core. The underhand grip targets the biceps brachii more than the overhand hold on the cable machine handles.

The handles should be raised toward your shoulder before being carefully lowered to the starting position. Don’t allow the weight plates return to the stack to maintain tension in your biceps. Throughout your reps, keep them raised.

best long head bicep exercises
best long head bicep exercises


Chin-ups are a fantastic complex exercise that will improve your grip strength and work your shoulders, back, and chest while also working your biceps and triceps. You’ll require a solid horizontal bar that can easily hold your body weight.

Chin-ups, as opposed to pull-ups, use an underhand grip to activate several muscles. You can switch between the two to add some diversity to your workout regimen because of this.

Get into a dead hang position with your feet off the ground and take a firm underhand grip on the chin-up bar. When your chin is just above the bar, raise yourself by bringing the bar down through your elbows.

Add an isometric pause above the bar and let yourself down gradually if you’re feeling daring. To more effectively target your long head biceps, use a close grip.

6. Ez bar curls

The equipment you utilize, rather than the exercises you choose and the variables you modify, may be the key to achieving bigger biceps. According to a study published in the Journal Of Life And Environmental Sciences, using an EZ-bar, which features an undulating handle, can promote more muscle activation in your biceps than either a barbell or dumbbells.

If your gym lacks an EZ-bar, you should use a barbell instead because it activates more muscles than dumbbells.

Well, an EZ-bar curl is simple. Place your feet shoulder-width apart while keeping your knees slightly bent. Holding an EZ-bar with your arms outstretched and your elbows tucked up at your sides, curl the bar up towards your chest. However, it’s also simple to get the smaller details wrong. Use these suggestions to perfect your form.

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best long head bicep exercises

7.EZ-Bar Reverse Curl

In this exercise, the lifter holds an EZ-bar with a semi-pronated grip, which is the halfway point between a pronated grip (palms facing down) and a neutral grip (palms facing each other).

Grip the bar and let it dangle with your arms stretched with your hands at shoulder width and slightly pronated. The lifter will keep their elbows by their sides and curl the bar up while maintaining their shoulder position. The forearm and biceps muscles should be the only ones moving the elbow.

This curl variation strengthens the brachialis and brachioradialis, two forearm and upper arm muscles that aid to grow size and improve grip strength.

Benefits of the EZ-Bar Reverse Curl

  • The capacity to exercise the forearm and biceps muscles while using a pronated or semi-pronated grip.
  • It’s an extremely accessible curling variation because chamfered EZ-bars are widely available in gyms around the world.
  • This variation can be used to train and increase forearm size.
long head bicep exercises
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In conclusion

Your biceps’ peak development and the appearance of your upper arms will both be aided by incorporating one of these seven long head biceps exercises into your regular training regimen. Additionally, it will assist safeguard the long head tendon and avoid a possible severe shoulder injury.

Because they don’t understand how the biceps are built or which biceps exercises specifically target the long head of the biceps, many bodybuilders who are wanting to acquire mountainous biceps are performing the wrong workouts.

Even more frequently, people fail to develop upper arm muscle despite spending a lot of time in the gym because they don’t mix up their exercises enough. The human body adjusts, therefore if a biceps exercise causes it to grow adapted, there won’t be any harm done to the biceps and no hypertrophy will occur.

Having bigger biceps peaks isn’t just for show. Additionally, serious and painful shoulder injuries can be prevented by strengthening the long head biceps. Long head tendon and short head tendon, respectively, are the tendons that connect the short head and long head of the biceps to the bone in the shoulder joint.

The long head tendon connects at the top of the shoulder socket and can tear if it is not adequately protected by a large long head biceps muscle, in contrast to the short head tendon, which attaches at the front of the shoulder and rarely causes any difficulties.

Unfortunately, those who engage in high-intensity fitness regimens to develop bigger biceps frequently overwork themselves. That long head tendon can snap if you attempt biceps workouts improperly, perform them too quickly, or do not sufficiently warm up the shoulder before starting. Your long head bicep may, in rare circumstances, totally detach from your arm and sag toward the upper arm.

You won’t be able to perform any biceps curls or probably any other upper body workout until the injury has healed, even though these kinds of injuries usually recover on their own within a few weeks. If you’ve previously experienced this kind of injury, you’re also more likely to experience it again.

Similar to any other muscle, the biceps benefits from increased strength. Greater elbow flexion and a more stable shoulder joint are both results of better biceps function. Since all of these upper body muscle groups are interconnected, having a strong shoulder joint will enable you to perform workouts that will help you develop big back and chest muscles.

The seven biceps workouts are solely for isolation. Combine them with traditional exercises like the deadlift or bench press if you want to see more increases in other areas of the upper body. There are numerous more effective biceps curl variations, including drag curls and concentration curls.

While the long head of the bicep is what these five biceps workouts are most efficient at targeting, your arms will also become bigger with the other curl variations. Along with the exercises in this manual, don’t be scared to incorporate them into your training program.

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