Best 5 tricep bar exercises for bigger triceps

tricep bar exercise

For a lot of men working out biceps and triceps was one of our very first experiences when it comes to working out. Working out arms has always been one of my favorite body parts to work out and show off.

What are the best tricep bar exercises?

I’m going to go over the best five tricep bar exercises that you can do. Working your triceps is extremely important, because the majority of your arm is triceps. The triceps make up 70% of the arms, so its not a muscle that you want to undertrain. Building your triceps will increase the size and appearance of your arms rather quickly!

My top 5 tricep bar exercises

tricep bar exercises


How to perform tricep bar skull crushers

  • Align Your Wrists and Shoulders
  • Lower the Barbell
  • Stretch Your Triceps
  • Stay Tight and Lift

Drive the bar back up by going in the opposite direction of how you lowered it after holding the bottom position of the lift for a beat. During the lifting (or concentric) phase, you ought to maintain a tucked-in elbow position.

Benefits of Skull Crushers

All pressing exercises and stable overhead movements require strong triceps. To help lock out of the bench press, powerlifters need to have strong triceps.

Lifters must engage in triceps exercises because they are essential for extending the elbow during the receiving phases of the snatch and jerk. Furthermore, strongmen who lift logs weighing more than 300 pounds overhead require triceps strength to complete the task. Your triceps become more important as you get stronger, lift more weight, and lift more weight.

Common Skull Crusher Mistakes

Lifting to heavy

Although no exercise is inherently risky, the skull crusher puts a lot of strain on your wrists and elbows. Furthermore, depending on where you encounter failure, the movement’s structure may make it challenging to leave the scene safely if something goes wrong.

For these reasons, you shouldn’t really concentrate on applying maximal weights with the skull crusher. A moderate load and a strong muscle contraction will provide you a lot of triceps stimulation.

Not Respecting Your Anatomy

There isn’t an one method for doing the skull crusher because everyone’s shoulders, wrists, and elbows are unique. There’s no need to struggle through using a straight barbell if it hurts your joints or is burdensome.

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How to perform tricep bar front raise

  • Keep your back straight, feet shoulder width a part, your shoulders back and your palms facing eachother.
  • Keep your body and your core tight.
  • Keep your arms straight, bring the bar straight up until your arms aligned with your shoulders.
  • Pause at the bottom for a second and repeat.

Benefits of the Tricep Bar Front Raise?


Although tricep bar front raises primarily target the shoulder muscles, they also work a variety of other upper body muscles involved in body stabilization, including the chest, anterior arm, and erector spinae. As you elevate the tricep bar to shoulder height, your abs are also engaged because you are squeezing them to support your body.


The tricep bar front rise primarily tones and strengthens the muscles in the front of your shoulders. When acute variables like the tempo, reps, speed, and sets are modified effectively, the movement can increase the growth of your anterior deltoids.

This workout gives you the definition you need to flaunt your physique in a tight t-shirt or tank top. You’ll start seeing the results you want by following a regular training schedule, and I guarantee that others will start asking you what exercises you do to get that muscular definition.


Many people work out to improve their physical appearance, but often undervalue the positive effects that exercise can have on how much fun daily activities can be. By exercising your shoulders with a movement like a barbell front raise, you can lift heavier objects, place heavy objects on a shelf, transport heavy boxes from one location to another, and so on.

Common tricep bar front raises mistakes


Keep a solid, stationary torso during the lift; do not waver or rock. Use a smaller weight if you sway or discover that you are rocking back on your heels to complete the lift.

Using Momentum

Avoid using momentum when lifting the weights because doing so will make the exercise less effective. In particular during the lift’s peak, lifting the weights too quickly permits momentum to lessen the tension in the muscles.

Excessive Weight

You shouldn’t utilize weights for this exercise that will lead you to utterly fail at the end of a set. Excessive shoulder load can put strain on the joint and cause damage.

Poor Form

Straighten your back and engage your abdominals (no rounded back or slack abs). This improves your ability to target the desired muscles while also shielding you from harm.

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  • Keep your back straight, feet shoulder width a part, your shoulders back and your palms facing the sky.
  • Lift the tricep bar towards the sky, until your elbows are fully locked out.
  • Then lower the tricep bar and try to go behind the top of your head.
  • Once you have gone as low as you can repeat.

Overhead Triceps bar Extension Benefits


The primary advantage of the overhead triceps extension is the triceps hypertrophy that results from the activity. The triceps extension activates all three heads of the triceps, which implies that it will strengthen your complete triceps in comparison to other triceps workouts.

The overhead triceps extension is a great workout to use if you want to build up your arms, improve your athletic performance, or just increase your upper body strength.


The overhead triceps extension is the best exercise for you if you experience wrist pain or discomfort. Your wrists retain the same angle throughout this exercise motion, which puts very minimal strain on them.


During the overhead triceps extension, your core muscles contract to support your back and spine because you are standing. This exercise teaches good posture, which includes a straight back, a tight core, and raised shoulders.

Maintaining appropriate posture is necessary to establish a full range of motion, even while seated.

Common Overhead Triceps Extension Mistakes


Especially when using big weight, many weightlifters have a tendency to arch their lower backs during the overhead triceps extension. This puts a lot of strain on the spine and could harm it.

Feel as though you are tucking your tailbone under you to fix this error. To guarantee good form, keep your core and glutes tight during each rep.


I frequently observe individuals performing the overhead triceps extension and heavy dumbbell routines that involve moving the weights six inches up and down. NOT a correct repetition, this. When your forearms meet your biceps on the way down, you have finished a full rep.

When you get to that position, you can only thrust the weight back up once.


Many other people commit the usual error of performing the overhead triceps extension while allowing their elbows to slide outward. This relieves triceps strain while adding unneeded stress to the shoulders. To get the most out of this wonderful exercise, keep your elbows within.

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  • Keep your back straight, feet shoulder width a part, your shoulders back and your palms facing the sky.
  • Pull the bar towards your chest, keep your elbows on the sides of your torso.
  • Slowly lower the weight keep tension on your biceps and then repeat this process.

Benefits of the Tricep Bar Bicep Curl?

1. Putting stress on the biceps

Doing curls with the tricep bar is great for being able to overload your biceps with weight. The triceps bar helps remove stress on your wrists normally caused with a straight bar. Using the tricep bar will let you stress your biceps out and cause them to grow faster.

2.Increase muscle

Using two hand instead of one hand like a traditional bicep curl will help improve strength. One arm workout are great for toning your muscles, but when it comes to strength using two arms at the same time increases strength much faster.

3. Better grip and comfort

The tricep bar offers a much better grip positioning compared to a straight bar. When doing hammer curls its important to maintain a strong and controlled grip.


1. Range of Motion Too Low

When performing barbell curls, it can be tempting to shorten the range of motion because you think you could lift more weight. Limiting range of motion, however, does not produce tension during peak contraction or under stretch.

2. Uncontrolled Descent

Both using force during the eccentric component of the exercise (raising the barbell) and having sufficient strength to lower the barbell are crucial (the eccentric portion of the lift). A significant portion of the exercise’s advantages will be lost if you just drop the barbell while performing curls.

3. No Standard Range of Motion

To determine whether the exercise is too easy or too challenging for you, make sure you perform every rep with the exact same form and technique. Knowing when to increase or decrease the weight on the barbell is also helpful.

4. Body Lean and Shoulder Position

You are free to lean in whichever position makes you more at ease. Simply keep your body and shoulders in the same positions from one set to the next, or from one rep to the next, and count your reps consistently.

5. Swinging and Cheating

Most people make this error when performing barbell curls. Your biceps won’t be more activated by swinging and momentum, which is the major reason you are performing barbell curls in the first place.

tricep bar
tricep bar


  • Grip a bar with your shoulders around shoulder width apart while standing one step away from the cable pulley.
  • As soon as your upper arms are parallel to the floor, pull the handle downward. This is where everything begin.
  • As soon as your arms are fully extended, press the handle downward.
  • Releasing the handle up again with control.


1. Tricep pushdowns tone your arms

The medial and lateral triceps heads are the focus of tricep pushdowns. Tricep pushdowns can strengthen the muscles on the back of your arms and improve shoulder joint stability with perfect form and consistent practice.

2. Tricep pushdowns work muscles throughout your upper body

Although tricep pushdowns are an isolation workout that only targets your triceps, they also work your glutes, lats, abs, traps, and pecs as stabilizers.

3.  Tricep pushdowns can improve your compound exercises

Your triceps are an important but frequently disregarded muscle group. You can do tricep pushdowns better during close-grip bench presses, diamond push-ups, and a variety of other compound workouts that target your triceps.


1. Elbows Flaring Out

If you use more weight than your triceps can support, this may occur. It’s counterproductive because the momentum is lost and your triceps aren’t being adequately worked. Your shoulders or lats are likely providing support if your elbows start to drift to the sides.

Begin with a weight that your triceps can manage easily and increase it as you work on your form.

2. Curling Your Wrists

At this point, curl your wrists outward after reaching the bottom of the motion. Although you would believe that curling your wrists can increase the burn in your triceps, this is untrue.

Curling your wrists won’t help you extend your elbows all the way. Your wrists will experience unwarranted strain as a result of this, though.

3. Arching Your Back

Leaning slightly forward is advised. When you bend over, the strain from your triceps may move to your back and shoulders.

Additionally using unnecessary momentum, arching your back relieves pressure from the triceps.

triceps bar
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In conclusion

The majority of barbell triceps movements are carried out with an overhand, or pronated, grip. Participants’ grip strength was evaluated in a study that appeared in “The American Journal of Occupational Therapy” utilizing a neutral, pronated, or supinated grip. Compared to a pronated, or palm down, position, a neutral forearm position offered a more powerful grip.

When compared to using two dumbbells, a firmer grip on the triceps bar enables you to use more weight and manage it more effectively. With a neutral grip, it is also simpler to maintain straight wrists while performing curls and extensions, which leads to a more comfortable workout.

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